Children through Seniors  

Attention Deficit Disorder - Treatment for childhood, adolescent, and adults. We use dynamic emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and family interventions. When appropriate, we will provide medical referrals.

Anxiety We evaluate and treat stress disorders from Post Traumatic Stress, Generalized Anxiety, Panic, Agoraphobia, and Acute Stress. You will learn tension reduction skills such as deep breathing exercises, relaxation training, visualization techniques, and autogenic instruction. 

Post Traumatic Becker Psychological Services is proficient in evaluation and treatment of War Trauma,  Personal Injury, and other issues related to PTSD.
Couples Therapy As a married couple, we understand and provide help for pre-marital, marital, and post marital counseling. Together we identify and change ineffective communications. We reveal conscious and unconscious processes that distresses relationships.

Insight into the dynamics and temperaments of each person's personality is developed. Good social interactive skills are showcased and encouraged.
Depression We evaluate and treat depression. At times we will include appropriate medication referrals. You will gain insight into depression's functions . Together we will make changes to create a more satisfying everyday life. Languishing perspectives will be replaced with fluorishing behaviors.

Older Adults Depression  Depression is not an inevitable part of aging. There are many steps one can take to overcome the condition. We provide an opportunity to understand the symptoms, for example how to separate grief from depression. From there we'll guide you through changes that provide a more satisfying day to day life.

Substance Abuse  Evaluation and treatment of poly-substance abuse is provided. When indicated we will use hospitalization, community services, and multi-disciplinary interventions.

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