Serving Orange County since 1973
DR. VANCE BECKER has been a Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist over forty years. He has been licensed as a Psychologist for over thirty years. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, National Registry in Psychology, International College of Prescribing Psychologists, Founding-Fellow American College of Advanced Practice Psychologists, and California Licensed Psychologists Associations.

Dr. Becker is a Qualified Medical Evaluator in Psychology, He holds the following qualifications:

• Board Certified Diplomate-Fellow in Psychopharmacology
• Board Certified Diplomate-Fellow Serious Mental Illness
 Founding Fellow American College of Advanced Practice Psychologists
• Board Certified Diplomate-Fellow Advanced Psychopharmacology
• Board Certified Diplomate-Fellow in Forensic Sciences
• Board Certified Diplomate-Fellow Child/Adolescent Psychology
• Board Certified Diplomate Advanced Geriatric Psychology
• Board Certified Diplomate-Advanced Psychopharmocology
• Board Certified Diplomate-Advanced Pain Drug Management
• Board Certified Diplomate-Fellow Advanced Trauma and PTSD

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